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Biolytix is an environmentally sure way to take care of human waste products without harming the earth we all come from and call home. A Biolytix waste unit can breakdown human waste ‘grey water’ into a nourishing liquid plant fertilizer in a matter of minutes and does away with the need to connect to sewage lines which can be costly and inconvenient if your far from a metro area.

How does it work?
Biolytix Filtration is a non-aquatic synergistic treatment process for both wastewater and household food wastes. It emulates the highly efficient breakdown that occurs in the surface layers of moist organic soils. It harnesses the energy stored in putrescible wastes, including toilet waste, household food waste, and paper products to nourish billions of microbes and a stable mix of larger soil decomposer organisms, both grazers, grinders, predators and prey.

Here are some more advantages to the Biolytix way:

  • There is no smell
  • Copes easily with heavy loads e.g. party’s, extra guests
  • Helps plants thrive with rich fertilizer produced
  • Used in delicate environmental areas e.g. South African game farm and beautiful Lord Howe Island.



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