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Castle Hampers - 2011
Castle Hampers 2011

Castle Hampers

Christmas Hampers

Xmas Hampers

You can have a Christmas that's much easier, much more fun and much less stressful... just by planning in advance and giving Castle Hampers a call.

Castle Hampers 2011 will deliver everything you need for a fantastic Xmas dinner. You choose exactly what's best for your celebration and the cost is spread out over the whole year - so it's incredibly affordable. In fact, you can have a Christmas hamper in Australia from just one dollar a week.

Imagine how much easier Christmas 2011 would be if all this just showed up at your door - no battling the Xmas crowds, no carrying the heavy shopping.

And choosing a Castle food hamper gives you more time to spend doing the Xmas things that you really enjoy... and that the kids will enjoy even more!

Once you've got your hands on the catalogue, you'll want to get your hands on a Xmas hamper. And there are over 200 to choose from, so there's a perfect and unique hamper for everyone.

With over 200 different hampers, you have a huge choice of top quality items. But your choice doesn't end there because you can mix and match items from all the hampers, big and small.

So the ideal hamper to make your yuletide celebrations absolutely perfect is waiting for you - all you have to do is tell Castle Hampers exactly what you want, and decide how much you want to pay - with the total divided into 50 easy-to-handle, weekly payments.

Castle Hampers has been helping thousands of Australians make their Xmases easier and more enjoyable for many years - and they're getting bigger all the time. In fact, Castle have delivered well over one million Christmas hampers to date!

Of course, Xmas isn't the only day of celebration at that time of year. There's Boxing Day, New Year's Eve - any day can be a party or family get together. Your Castle Hamper can ensure that you have plenty of food and little luxuries for every occasion.



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