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The Mega Flooring Depot
The Mega Flooring Depot

The Mega Flooring Depot

The Mega Flooring Depot

Sick of running all over town to find the right flooring? Hardwood floor coverings in one store. Carpet in another. Rugs another store again. Not to mention tiles and laminate. And you can almost guarantee they’re all at opposite ends of the city!

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could find all your flooring needs under one roof? Well, thanks to the Mega Flooring Depot, you can.

Backed by Harvey Norman’s huge buying power, the Mega Flooring Depot is the new floor covering retail chain on the block. Featuring everything from Teka timber, to a massive variety of carpets and rugs, to Tosca Tiles, the Mega Flooring Depot is a one-stop-shop for the smart floor shopper.

So what makes the Mega Flooring Depot different?
For a start Harvey Norman’s buying power will ensure you get all your flooring needs at ground zero prices.

Then there’s the huge range of colours and textures in stock in store. For example, with such a huge range of carpets in store you’ll find much closer increments in colour – making it easier to find that perfect colour you’ve been searching for.

Of course it goes without saying that you can expect Harvey Norman’s famous quality customer service.

And then there’s the range: Rugs, hall runners, 100% wool carpet, stain defence carpets, laminate floors, timber floating floors, Tosca 3d tile finish – the list goes on…

So don’t run yourself into the ground looking for your perfect new floor coverings. Shop smart at your local Mega Flooring Depot.

You’ll find Mega Flooring Depots located throughout Australia and at your local Harvey Norman shopping complex.



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