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The Ultimate Ladder
The Ultimate Ladder transforms

Transform with The Ultimate Ladder

The Ultimate Ladder for multiple purposes

It's the one ladder that no household should be without. Designed with safety in mind, with the optional inserts it's a builders, painters and decorators dream.

The Ultimate Ladder and can transform into eight different ladders from the one. It's made from aircraft grade aluminium and it tough enough to hold up to 136 kilos. It's easy enough for practically anyone to carry, extends to approximately 3.4 metres in length and when closed it's small enough to fit in the boot of a car. It's double-wide extenders with rubber feet protect surfaces from scratching and give you stability and safety.

The Ultimate Ladder easily transforms into a sturdy A-frame and for really big jobs it transforms into a 3.4 metre extension ladder.

The optional work platforms and scaffolding extras instantly transform the Ultimate Ladder into the ultimate scaffold and workbench.

The Ultimate Ladder Stair climber climbs steps and stairs so you can safely work in places you could never reach before and get all those jobs done that never seem to get done.

The Ultimate Ladder also transforms to make the Ultimate stepladder giving you incredible stability and allows you to clean without moving the furniture. The Ultimate Ladder even lets you work right up against a vertical surface, flush with a wall or a window.

It really is the ultimate combination of safety, quality and versatility and all at incredible value.

This high quality ladder comes with a 12 month warranty plus you can test drive the Ultimate Ladder in your own home for 30 days and if you're not amazed by the Ultimate Ladder simply return for a full refund of the purchase price less postage & handling.

As seen on TV, you won't find Ultimate Ladder in the shops.



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