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Ducted air-conditioning is now common in most homes – but ducted or ‘networked’ entertainment systems were once only considered the realm of the rich and famous. But Clipsal’s StarServe has made home networking available to everyone. It’s convenience and affordability makes enjoying life so much easier.

Most of us have got more than one TV. The big one in the family room, or if you really love your home entertainment – your home theatre room! There might even be another TV in the bedroom or kitchen. But chances are you probably only have one DVD player, VCR or Pay TV connection. This means you have to either only ever watch the Pay TV or other equipment in the one room or run long cords up your corridors or worse still lug your equipment round the house.

With StarServe you can link all your TVs to your DVD player, VCR or Pay TV connection. No duplicate equipment, no having to set up the VCR temporarily in the bedroom.

In addition to all your entertainment equipment StarServe can also network your telephones, computers, and peripherals like printers and scanners.

Star Serve gets the most out of all your equipment by integrating everything at once, and best of all you don’t have to be a techno wiz to use it. A StarServe system is really quite simple. It expands on your basic home wiring.

The possibilities are endless with StarServe it can even enhance your home security. No more surprises when it comes to finding out who’s knocking at the front door. Clipsal surveillance cameras connected to Star Serve keep an eye on children, the front door or any part of your property.

If you’d like to learn more, there are two great publications – absolutely free. There is the Building IQ magazine, it has some great information on intelligent home systems and has a comprehensive list of qualified Clipsal Systems Integrators.

Secondly to find out more about StarServe and the huge range of other innovative and exciting Clipsal products you can also secure your FREE copy of the 64 page full colour “Essential Checklist for Everything Electrical”

For your free copy of the Clipsal Essential Checklist & Building IQ call today.



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