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Osmocote Lawn Builder

They say the other manís grass is always greener, but have you ever wondered why?

Osmocote Lawn Builder

Osmocote Lawn Builder

Osmocote Lawn Builder

Osmocote Lawn Builder

There is an answer, they used the Osmocote Lawn Builder Range. No wonder their grass is always greener. Osmocote Lawn Builder is your secret ingredient to build a strong, healthy green lawn even through times of drought and water restrictions.

Caring for your lawn is four times easier, with Osmocote Lawn Builder, Lawn Builder Repair and Starter, Lawn Builder with Weedkill and Lawn Builder with Wetting Agent.

Osmocote Lawn Builder is the number one granular lawn fertiliser in Australia. Its popularity isnít the only thing that makes the Osmocote Lawn Builder range different from other lawn fertilisers. Itís also the fact that each and every granule contains slow release nitrogen plus other essential nutrients. This means an even growth rate for your lawn over 8-10 weeks with no lawn burn and reduced leaching of nutrients into the soil.

And a Scotts spreader is a great way to get even coverage and avoid wastage.

Professionals have used Osmocote Lawn Builder for many years Ė and their jobs depend on how green their grass is. The luscious lawns youíve seen at many sports stadiums, high profile cricket grounds and on golf course are all the results of using Osmocote Lawn Builder products. You probably arenít trying to create a championship golf course, but the health of your lawn can be just as important to you, the homeowner, as fairways are to a professional greenkeeper.

To give your lawn the best possible chance, use Osmocote Lawn Builder Repair and Starter right from the beginning. It has a higher level of phosphorous and lower amounts of nitrogen. This special formula helps to establish strong roots in new lawns enabling them to survive even in times of water restriction.

If you have a few weed problems use Osmocote Lawn Builder with Weedkill. It feeds your lawn while at the same time killing up to 17 common broadleaf weeds. Just be aware that it is not to be used on buffalo grass.

To make your lawn more drought resistant use what the proís use, Osmocote Lawn Builder with Wetting Agent Ė containing a unique ingredient, HydraFlo. HydraFlo is a long lasting granular wetting agent that allows better water penetration and absorption. Osmocote Lawn Builder with Wetting Agent is an ideal product to help conserve water supply when gardening. It gives your lawn deeper, stronger roots so it will survive better in times of water restriction.

The Osmocote Lawn Builder range can be applied to dry lawn and watered in with the next rain. This will use far less water than hose-on lawn fertilisers.

Next time youíre passing the garden section in your favourite store, check out the Osmocote Lawn Builder range. Available at Bunnings Hardware House, Woolworths, Safeway, K-Mart, Big-W, Action QLD, Home Hardware, Thrifty Link, Plants Plus Nurseries.



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