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Nap Zapper
Nap Zapper

Nap Zapper

Nap Zapper

Nap Zapper is an innovative, brand new product. The Nap Zapper is an Anti-Drowsy alarm that sounds as soon as you start to nod off. Nap Zapper is The Guardian Angel for Drivers particularly on long distance trips. It works on the principle of electronic balance as long as the Nap Zapper is kept on the level, you can forget its there. But if your head dips forward like when you start to nod off an alarmingly loud siren goes off bringing you back from the brink of disaster.

Nap Zapper is not a guarantee against accidents you should never drive when fatigued. Its an aid to road safety designed to alert you, the driver, to the dangers of drowsiness. Then you can take action swap drivers, take a break or stop altogether to grab the sleep you need.

Nap Zapper is a fantastic idea for drivers. But its also great in any situation that requires your full concentration shift workers machinery operators, students cramming for a test and so on.

Nap Zapper comes with a full warranty and replacement policy for 12 months.

Its the guardian angel for drivers and anyone who needs to remain alert.

Nap Zapper



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