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Taubmans 603010
Taubmans 603010

Taubmans 603010

Taubmans 603010

Taubmans paints have created this website to help you discover your personal colour profile. Then be inspired by the themes based on that profile. And, finally, see how those themes would look in a home. It’s called 60-30-10 because they’re the relative proportions in the design rule.

The ratio works as follows, 60 percent dominant colour, 30 percent intermediate colour and 10 percent accent colour. How you mix and match, combine and contrast your chosen hues will determine the mood of your home.

You start the Colour Profiler by answering a series of fun and interesting questions like:

If you could be a colour, which colour would you be?

Which would you most like to experience – a lush rainforest, the shimmering Mediterranean, a Moroccan bazaar?

Which of these images do you find most evocative? A sunflower or a snow flower? A green leaf or a brown desert?

When you decide on your profile, you’ll be show ten palettes, inspirational suggestions of the colours suggested by your choices. And then you can see how they’d look in virtual rooms. Not only can you see exactly how your theme would look in a kitchen, bedroom and lounge – you can go inside the rooms in 3D.

Taubman’s 603010 takes all the guesswork out of interior colour design. It’s a valuable tool for anybody renovating their home and most importantly it’s fun!



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