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Toyo Teo Tyres
Toyo Teo Tyres

Toyo Teo Tyres

Toyo Teo Tyres

Toyo Teo Tyres

Itís called the circle of life, the constant cycle of birth, death, ending and beginning but there are other circles of life. Circles that help to keep your family safe every day, like your tyres. Everyone wants to ensure their familyís safety and thatís where Toyo Teo Tyres stand out from the rest.

Toyo Tyres are brilliantly designed with top quality construction to make your driving safer in all sorts of conditions, which is important when you consider the family. Although most tyres and okay in fine conditions, in the wet you need a good tread pattern and itís in the rain that the special qualities of Toyo Teo set it apart from just another tyre.

Toyo Teo Tyres have straight grooves which prevent hydroplaning in wet conditions and the S-shaped Sipe gives better ride plus helps wet performance. Teoís maintain optimum contact with the road under heavy braking, giving you an extra margin of safety, along with special high tech silica tread compound that gives exceptional grip and is long wearing.

Keeping the air at the correct pressure means a tyre has an optimised footprint on the road, which means a better grip and the Toyo Teo has an inner that improves Air Retention performance by 15%!

There are Toyo Teo Tyres to suit a range of vehicles from hatchbacks, small and medium sedans, family sedans and wagons to even prestige ones and theyíll all perform better on a wet road on Toyo Tyres.

Since you wonít have to worry about going out in the wet, youíll need a new umbrella and right now when you buy 4 new Toyo Teoís for your car from participating dealers, you will also receive a fabulous golf umbrella.

So talk to your Toyo dealer about the best Teo for your car and driving style today. You can find your nearest dealer on their website, under Tyres in the yellow pages or by visiting any Tyrepower outlet.

Teo from Toyo Tyres are keeping your family safer on the roads.



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