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Pioneer DVD Burner
Pioneer DVD Burner

Pioneer DVD Burner

Pioneer DVD Burner

Burning CDís on your home PC is great but people donít realise that there are two types of recordable CDís and itís exactly the same with DVDís. The Pioneer DVD/CD writer does it all, it writes and reads DVD Rom and Video, as well as CD Rom and audio CDís.

A single sided DVD can store around two hours of high quality video. Thatís the equivalent of more than 7 CDs but remember, as with any technology that reproduces sound or video, you must be aware of copyright and not copy material protected by law. Of course, you have copyright of anything you film yourself and can share your family photos and home movies with anyone, anywhere in the world by sending them a personalised, unique DVD.

The Pioneer DVD/CD writer comes with a comprehensive suite of quality Ulead software. The DVD Workshop is a powerful yet flexible authoring software made for creative video professionals and enthusiasts. You can capture video from either digital or analogue sources and produce top quality results. Video Studio 7 makes editing your movies just as much fun as shooting them. You can even edit in real time! You can also make slideshows, add texts and special effects with the DVD Picture Show 2. The Digital Camera Suite Ė is the complete photo sharing solution for your digital camera!

Using the Pioneer DVD/CD Writer is so easy and quick to use even a beginner can create a high-tech product to professional standards on a home PC! Youíll find the Pioneer DVD/CD Writer with fantastic Ulead software, all for only $429 at Dick Smith Electronics stores or your nearest computer retailer.



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