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Fone Zone - Most Wanted
Fone Zone - Most Wanted

Fone Zone - Most Wanted

Fone Zone - Most Wanted

These days owning an old, black and white mobile phone is a crime so Fone Zone has started a campaign to get these outdated and embarrassing old mobiles out of our community.

Right now they are offering trade inís on your old outdated phones. The fabulous Nokia fifty one hundred is one of Nokiaís latest models and has a full colour screen that makes it ideal for multi media messaging. The combination of soft and hard material makes the phone tougher and more scratch resistant and you can brighten up the 5100 with a range of different Xpress-On Covers. The Nokia 5100 even has a built-in flashlight!

Then thereís the magnificent Nokia 6610. The huge full colour display brings your games and Multi-Media Messaging to life. WAP letís you connect to the mobile internet and GPRS gives you faster downloads. The Nokia 6610 excels in sounds as well as vision with polyphonic ringtones and you can even receive MMS with sounds!

The Nokia 7250I is more than just a phone. Itís also an FM radio and a digital camera. You can listen to your favourite music station and take digital photos whenever you like even in dark conditions using the special Night Mode. Accessing the internet is a one-touch process and the Java games are just fantastic.

Fone Zone is Australiaís largest, independently owned, mobile retailer. They got that way by really caring about their customers and by connecting them to the superior coverage of Telstra MobileNet, Australiaís largest mobile network.

Itís time to rid our community of these undesirables and claim your just reward when you do it just ask the real friendly people at your nearest Fone Zone store.



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