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Plasti Kote Outdoor
Plasti Kote Outdoor

Plasti Kote Outdoor

Plasti Kote Outdoor

PlastiKote is the market leader in spray paints with a vast range of top quality products to help in any job around the home, garden or workplace. PlastiKote have been in business for 80 years their products are sold in over 80 countries around the world.

With top quality PlastiKote products, you can revamp and revive all sorts of items around your home and garden. It can give old, battered items new life. Any PlastiKote rejuvenation process has 3 ĎPís - Preparation, Priming and Painting. Which PlastiKote Primer and paint you use depends on what materials youíre working on because PlastiKote has one for every job.

The huge range of PlastiKote products includes Spray Paints in all sorts of hues, textures and finishes, Enamels, Metallics, Brilliant Chrome and Gold and special effects life Fleckstone and Crackle.

Using a PlastiKote spray can couldnít be easier with PlastiKote Can Gun. Itís comfortable to hold and fits all sorts of cans plus the paint flows smoothly and evenly.

With PlastiKote you can see whatís in each can, just by looking at the lid and is safe even if there are kids about, as the lid doesnít just come off, you have to use a screwdriver. PlastiKote, are the world leaders in Spray Painting products and have a product to help with every job. Pop into your nearest quality retailer to find out more.



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