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Totally Workwear

When youíre thinking that owning your own business would make you happy, itís no use focussing on details and getting caught up in specifics. What you want is the overall solution. Totally Workwear is a licenced, co-operative business unit with marketing support from King Gee.

Totally Workwear

Totally Workwear is a nationwide network of retailers providing the best in uniforms, footwear, safety gear, wet weather and cold weather gear. They have everything that can be worn in the line of work. Totally Workwear is just what is says, all workwear and nothing else but itís also your opportunity to start up your own business with proven products and the security of a big brand name behind you.

As a licenced Totally Workwear retailer, youíll be a partner in a nationwide organisation with all the benefits of big business but youíll also be a small business owner and part of the local community you serve. For business success, you need to be selling something that people want to buy and with brand names like King Gee and Blundstone, youíll have no worries there.

As a Totally Workwear retailer youíll be entitled to use both the King Gee and Totally Workwear trademarks and most of your other stock will also be famous and desirable names within the industry they service. So your customers will know Totally Workwear as the only place they need to go to get the gear they need to wear. Itís their one-stop shop for workwear. Theyíll also appreciate your friendly service and knowledgeable advice and the fact that youíre a local and part of the neighbourhood.

As a Totally Workwear retailer youíll receive comprehensive and ongoing training and be involved in Supplier Negotiations and an Annual Conference.

You also get professional assistance for all sorts of promotions and advertising. Itís estimated that thereíll be 50 Totally Workwear stores around the country by 2005 so nowís the time to grab this fantastic opportunity.

Itís a fantastic chance to take control of your life and own a great business, selling everything from boots to suits with the major support of one of Australiaís best loved brands, King Gee.



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