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Lenardís BBQ
Lenardís BBQ

Lenardís BBQ

Lenardís BBQ

Lenardís BBQ

A traditional Aussie BBQ is great when family and friends get together but now, thanks to Lenardís there are exciting, delicious new BBQ traditions to try.

If you always think of red meat for barbecuing, then think again. All Lenardís chicken products are perfect for the BBQ, with crumbed creations, marinated breast, legs, wings, kebabs, shashliks and chicken rissoles that are all fresh and delicious! You can turn a boring BBQ into a fabulous al fresco feast!

Some of their fantastic crumbed chicken delicacies include Chicken Kiev with delicious garlic butter filling, Chicken Parmigiana with Italian cheeses and tomato, Chicken Roma with camembert and bacon and the stupendous Schnitzel in plain, herb and garlic or Cajun crumbs!

Lenardís Chicken Kebabs can come in a flurry of flavours that include cajun, sun-dried tomato and basil, chinese honey, satay, teriyaki and garlic and Thai King. Lenardís shashlik styles include Bush BBQ, Peking and Sweet Thai Chilli. Theyíre both delicious, theyíre both tenderised and marinated on wooden skewer, but the difference is the Kebab uses only Lenardís succulent chicken while the Shashlik also has capsicum and onion!

Some people prefer plainer food especially the kids and they will love Lenardís Chicken Patties, in four different flavours. The Chicken Jumbo feeds the big kids and the Chicken Sausages come in Honey and Rosemary, Kiev, Curry, Spinach and Pinenut and more. Marinated scratched chicken wings are also a great idea. The chicken meat is scratched down the bone to make fantastic finger food.

If you want to make your own marinade and thereís even a Lenardís speciality for that! From a whole chicken, to breast and thighs, drumstick and Maryland, thigh cutlets and wings all guaranteed to be the best, fresh chicken every day.

Lenardís BBQ products are made fresh in store from only top quality chicken, meat and vegetables and the marinades are just marvellous. They make everything so easy. Thereís no sticky preparation, or long waits. You just pop them straight on the hotplate.

Ask the friendly professionals at your local Lenardís about beaut barbie ideas, give them a call or get onto their website and enjoy Lenardís Chicken. The best, fresh chicken every day, guaranteed!



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