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Visiting pretty places naturally brings out the photographer in all of us but the trouble is when you use an ordinary SLR camera it can take days before you see the results. Unlike ordinary SLR cameras, the Nikon digital cameras let you preview the shots as soon as you take them.

Nikon have a great range of digital cameras at affordable prices like the
Coolpix 5400, the Coolpix 5700 and the Digital SLR D100. The Coolpix 5400 is a compact, lightweight camera with 5.1 million effective pixels and a very powerful 4 times zoom Nikkor precision optical lens.

The Coolpix 5400 has an in-built wide-angle lens and it couldn’t be easier to access all the various shooting modes with the easy-to-use dials. It has four different exposure modes to choose from, so you have complete creative control and on top of that you can choose from 15 different scene modes. You can even shoot three-minute movies with audio.

Another way to unleash your creative potential is with the Coolpix 5700.
The Coolpix 5700 is a lightweight camera with 5.0 million effective pixels and features a powerful 8 times zoom Nikkor precision lens. Best of all it comes with an electronic viewfinder, which offers bright, accurate through-the-lens frame coverage. For those tricky shots, the LCD monitor works really well in virtually any shooting position. There’s also a built-in speedlight, which you can be automatic, if you prefer and you simply press the quick review button to inspect your shots.

Anyone can take great professional looking pictures with the D100. The D100 is a high performance digital SLR camera featuring a whopping 6.1 million effective pixels and because it is based on the world-class F-mount, the camera accepts the full range of AF Nikkor lenses. To help you share them with friends and family, Nikon View software enables easy transfer and management of your images.

Nikon has the reputation for the world’s greatest cameras so to find out more get onto the camera house website, grab a copy of their Christmas catalogue or give them a call.



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