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Leisure Boating
Leisure Boating

Leisure Boating

Leisure Boating

Leisure Boating

Australia is the largest island in the world and that means we have more coastline per person than anyone else. This might explain why we spend so much of our leisure time on or in the water but owning your own boat can be expensive. Now, with the Leisure Boating Club, you can be a part owner in a beautiful luxury vessel.

Youíd be a quarter owner and entitled to the boat for a quarter of the year on a weekly rotational basis. It makes sense, when you think about it. Instead of buying a new boat and continuously paying for all the costs including maintenance and marina fees, you share ownership and share the time aboard. All the luxury boating you need for a fraction of the cost.

All the time you spend on board will be good times because you donít have any of the unpleasant duties of boat ownership. There is no maintenance, no mooring fees, no registration or anything else. You simply just book your time, step on board and walk away afterwards. You donít even have to clean up.

If youíre a complete beginner, youíll be trained in all aspects of safely running your boat and thatís not the only way The Leisure Boating club takes care of you. From the moment you deposit your money in a solicitorís trust account, you will have access to a boat as a temporary member, even if the other partners havenít paid up yet.

You donít have to wait for your boat to be fully subscribed. If, in 2 months, your trust isnít fully subscribed, youíll get all your money back. When the syndicate is terminated, The Leisure Boating Club offer a unique guaranteed buy-back. You and the other owners decide to either take that payment or put the boat on the open market.

The Leisure Boating Club is already in Sydney Harbour, Pittwater, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and will soon be available in Perth, Darwin and Far North Queensland. You could own a luxury cruiser for a fraction of what it would cost. The Leisure Boating Club makes the dream of boat ownership, an affordable reality.



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