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Leisure Boating Club

Having your very own boat would be a dream come true for most of us. Unfortunately, paying for it would probably seem more like a nightmare.

Leisure Boating Club

Leisure Boating Club

Leisure Boating Club

Leisure Boating Club

We’ve found a fantastic way for you to enjoy all the fun and adventure of hitting the water in your own boat – without having to foot the bill.

How? By becoming a member of The Leisure Boating Club.

This is how it works, for a low annual fee you can go boating on a luxury vessel, and use it on a very flexible schedule.

The obvious benefit is that you don’t have to foot the huge bill of buying a boat. But there are loads of other benefits too.

There are no marina fees, no maintenance fees, no cost for upkeep and no cleaning bills. Absolutely everything is already taken care of! All you need to do is have fun.

The boat is ship-shape, serviced, refuelled and cleaned and ready to roll the minute you step aboard.

A fantastic fun day out on a luxury vessel and no cleaning up afterwards! Now that’s definitely a dream come true!
If you’re not the most confident sailor, or you don’t have a lot of experience on the water, fear not landlubber the Leisure Boating Club can help you there too. They’ll teach you everything you need to know about Captaining your vessel.

You won’t be restricted to just one vessel either. You can choose from a variety of boats, from 28 to 38 foot long, taking a different one out each time. This is a great way to figure out which boat is perfect for you. A sneaky way to sample all the flavours in the candy store – without having to buy anything! And a handy tool if you’re thinking about buying your own vessel, but are unsure which one’s right for you.

And unlike buying your own boat – you won’t be locked into a financial commitment for years. Because the membership is annual you pay one fee, once a year, and that’s it. So if your financial situation changes, you’re not locked in to something you can no longer afford.

The Leisure Boating Club has loads of clubs from Sydney to Brisbane, from the Gold Coast to Pittwater. Plus you’ll soon see the Leisure Boating Club bobbing up in Port Macquarie, Lake Macquarie, Perth, Darwin, Townsville, Cronulla and Mackay - gateway to the magnificent Whitsunday Islands.

If this sounds like your dream come true or you’d just like to know more, give The Leisure Boating Club a call, or check out their website......



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