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Every summer, some unfortunate Australians suffer the unspeakable devastation of bushfire. The important thing is we just have to try and make sure itís not us and thatís where The Modern Group can help.

One of the main dangers when a bushfire is nearby is flying debris like ash and embers as well as sudden bursts of hot winds. If you want your home to survive, you need to keep them outside. Modernís Streamline Window Shutters are CSIRO tested and can help protect your home against damage in bushfires.

Streamline Window Shutters have many other benefits as well. They keep your home cooler and quieter, which can save you money on air conditioning and insulation. They also make your home more private and much safer from burglars and other criminals.

Streamline Window Shutters are one very effective weapon in your homeís defence arsenal and Modern Streamline Security is your strategy to keep your place safe from fires and criminal threats this summer. At this time of year, many of us leave our homes unattended while we enjoy our Christmas holidays, either going away for weeks at a time, or just making the most of the longs days and warm nights.

Modern Streamline Security which is known as Bramalco Streamline Security in South Australia is a fully monitored system. So when youíre away, security professionals keep an eye on your home for you.

Even when youíre home, you can program the Streamline Security system to detect & protect the entry points like windows, doors & the roof. When you and your family are sleeping, you know that youíre watched over by the professionals back at the 24 hour Customer Care Centre and naturally, if something happens when you are at home, help is just a button away.

Unfortunately, home invasions are on the rise but Modern Streamline Security can help even in that terrible event. If an intruder follows you in through the door, you simply enter a special code and back at base they know youíre in a hostage or kidnapping situation & will alert police.

So, whether youíre at home or out enjoying our marvellous Aussie summer, once you call Modern Streamline Security or Bramalco in South Australia youíll know your home is a safer place.



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