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Zodiac Pools

Zodiac Pools

Zodiac Pools

Zodiac Pools

Water always seems like the cleanest thing on earth – but the truth is, it may not be.

Water can contain dangerous bacteria and viruses and microbes so tiny, millions of them would fit into just a few centimetres. So just imagine how many little nasty there could be in your swimming pool.

Traditionally pool owners have spent hours measuring the P H balance, checking the total alkalinity and adding chlorine to their pools. But that tradition has come to an end.

The Zodiac LM Saltwater Chlorinator is like an automatic chlorine factory, constantly producing microbe-killing chlorine and releasing it into the water, so your pool always looks and feels great.

Its operation is uncomplicated and it uses Clearwater technology to automatically and dependably sanitise your pool, preventing the growth of dangerous bacteria and ugly algae.

The Zodiac LM Saltwater Chlorinator also has loads of other advantages.

You don’t need to watch or adjust it - you just set it and forget it.

It always adds in exactly the amount of chlorine your pool needs at that time and it automatically adjusts its output to the conditions.

You can set it to come on at certain times, run at the same times every day, or at different times on different days.

It not only keeps your pool water clean – it automatically cleans itself as well!

And if you want to give your pool an extra burst of chlorine, it’s just a simple touch of the Super Chlorination button.

And during January and February if you choose a Zodiac LM Saltwater Chlorinator for your pool you could get $150 cash back!

With a Zodiac LM Saltwater Chlorinator, you’ll save time, money and effort – and make your pool a safer, cleaner and more pleasant place this summer!



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