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It’s every kids dream to own a candy store. And it’s every adult’s dream to only work one day a week! With U-Turn Vending Machines from Austway you can make both of these dreams come true!





Managing U-Turn candy vending machines is simple, straightforward, and is one of the most exciting vending business opportunities around.

Most operators have between 50 and 100 machines but you can choose what feels right for you. A ‘stable’ of 50 machines could be managed in about 3 days per month leaving you free to spend your time doing whatever you’d like!

The U-Turn features four or eight highly visible selections making it a bright and attractive display.
It is made of steel and is finished with a scratch-resistant, baked-on powder coating. It turns on steel bearings, is simple to assemble (takes less than 5 minutes), and will stand the test of time on any location.

Speaking of locations – find the right position for your machines is vital to the success of your U-Turn business. Any high traffic area, such as an office or a customer waiting area is a perfect U-turn location. If you can’t find your own location, never fear – Austway will help you there too, with their proven site finding procedures.

U-Turn machines can support national charities such as the Australian Red Cross. The owners of the sites where your machines are placed donate the space and you contribute to the charity with an annual promotion fee.
Profitable and good for the community.

You can choose from the Executive Package, which comes with 40 four-selection U-Turns, the Professional Investment Package, which includes 70 four-selection U-Turns or the Entrepreneur’s Option, with 100 four-selection U-Turns, plus marketing support, the interest-free financing growth option and the Austway insurance program. And each package comes with all start up stock, corporate charity licenses and full training.



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