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Just Cuts

Just Cuts

Just Cuts

Just Cuts

Everybody wants to have perfect hair like a supermodel or a movie star. And if we all got paid millions of dollars a year we probably would. The reality is that weíre not all super rich celebrities Ė weíre just normal people. Most of us donít have the time or let alone the money to look famous!

In fact, 80 percent of us view getting our hair cut as something we just have to do.

All of this explains why Just Cuts has been so successful. Common sense, no nonsense hair care and style cuts. Treating your hair with common sense doesnít mean you donít want to look great. Everyone at Just Cuts is a professional and every customer leaves Just Cuts looking better for the experience.

This is the Just Cuts difference: No appointments, no colouring and a set price for everyone, itís just $19.00. And if you get home and donít like what you see in the mirror, all style cuts are backed by a 7 day written guarantee.

Itís this simple formula that has made Just Cuts such a success. The largest hairdressing franchise in the Southern Hemisphere, there are 140 Just Cuts salons across Australia and New Zealand. But thereís plenty of room for more. Just Cuts have identified 450 suitable shopping locations in Australia and aim for 200 Just Cut salons by December 2005.

You donít need to be a hairdresser, just an astute person looking for a proven, successful business.



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