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Mystic Tan at Sun Lounge

As Australian’s we’re constantly being warned to stay out of the sun. But no matter how many warnings we get, there’s just no denying that most of us still think brown is beautiful, and the browner, the better.

Mystic Tan at Sun Lounge

Mystic Tan at Sun Lounge

Mystic Tan at Sun Lounge

Mystic Tan at Sun Lounge

We associate a golden tan with health even though we know that too much sun can be deadly. But there is a way to cheat it, Mystic Tan.

Mystic Tan is the latest in professional spray-on tans – and it’s unlike any other spray on tan.

For a start, Mystic Tan gives you complete privacy. There’s no need to undress in front of anyone. From the moment you step into the change room, you’re completely alone. This allows you to undress, get into the Mystic Tan booth and get redressed in your own time, and more importantly, in complete privacy.

Mystic Tan only takes around 60 seconds to apply. The spraying process in the Mystic Tan both literally takes only minutes. A light mist of Aloe Vera, bronzer and DHA is sprayed from especially designed jets that move from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. The patented MagneTan technology turns each droplet of mist into the equivalent of a tiny magnet created to attach to your skin.

Mystic Tan is even. Because Mystic Tan is an automated system, there’s no room for human error – leaving you with a perfect even tanned and blotch free.

Mystic Tan gets darker with time. Mystic Tan contains DHA for long term tanning that actually gets darker over 24 hours.

Mystic Tan will leave you soft and brown instantly. The bronzer will give you an instant tan, while the Aloe Vera keeps your skin soft and supple.

Whether it’s a special occasion, an every week necessity or just because you deserve a treat, Mystic Tan.



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