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If you’re interested in starting your own printing business, but find the prospect of setting up a whole printing shop far too daunting, then World Wide On Line Printing might just be the answer you’re looking for.

World Wide On Line Printing offers it’s franchisees centralised manufacturing – so you don’t have to invest in expensive printing machines when you set up a World Wide Design Centre, they’ll do it for you.

This has several advantages, mainly that you will have access to the most technologically advanced printing machinery available, but without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for it.

This also means that you can set up shop almost anywhere you like, and your premises won’t have to be anywhere near as large as a traditionally printing business – so you’ll save on rent too.

Another distinct advantage is that you don’t have the day-to-day hassle of running an off-line printing facility. Not only will this save you a massive amount of time, but it will also save you from a lot of unnecessary stress. And let’s face it when you’re starting a new business, who needs extra stress?

World Wide On Line Printing creates everything from business cards to brochures and can even offer a complete design makeover.

World Wide also offers a fantastic service known as Online Print Management. This is basically a website that gives clients access to their stationery and marketing materials, so they can order on-line. The site also allows customers to check out their order history so they know exactly what they’ve had, and what they’ll be getting.

You’ll also be thoroughly trained learning about management, products, customer service, print and design workflow, even personalised marketing.

So if you have a print, design or business background, want to be your own boss and reap the rewards of running a proven, successful business, then why not give Worldwide Online Printing a call.



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