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W Home Automation
W Home Automation

W Home Automation

W Home Automation

W Home Automation

W Home Automation

We all wanted to be the Jetsons’. To have our whole lives organised at a touch of a button. Most of us have spent so long waiting for that day to arrive that we’ve missed the fact that it’s already here!

Welcome Home. W Home. W Home Automation products let you take control of your life. Control your Appliances, Air Conditioners, Lights, Spas, Pool Filters, Watering Systems – basically anything that uses electricity - via a remote, your PC, the Internet or your mobile phone. Go Jetsons!

Be in the car and turn the pathway lights on or boil the kettle. Watch TV on the lounge and turn the electric blanket on in bed. And if you think that’s unbelievable, just wait until you discover how it works and how to install it.

Based on X10 technology it works buy using your home’s existing electrical skeleton. Quite literally one power socket can speak to another. So all you have to do to install it is to plug it into the wall. There’s no need to rewire the whole house like other systems.

Because there’s no need to re-wire the home, you can forget having to pay tens of thousands of dollars for home automation. You can start for under $100. Now that’s really amazing. This kind of technology was once reserved for the super rich and extravagant, but W Home brings it into your home, in your price range. After all, the Jetson’s were a normal family too!

The best way to get going is with a starter pack. W Home sells a variety of starter packs.

The X10 Lighting Kit is a fantastic starter pack that puts you in control of whatever light or appliance you choose. With the Socket Module and your included remote, you can now on the porch light from your car, or turn off the room light from your bed! The other included module also gives you the power to turn on the coffeemaker as soon as you wake up, or start your favourite CD as soon as you walk in.

If you have a coffee table full of remotes, the X10 Home Entertainment Starter Pack might be your first choice. With this pack, you can dim the lights…and start the movie. In fact, you can control the TV, DVD, VCR and more – that’s right, 1 remote for all your Home Theatre devices. If you expand your system, you can control up to 256 modules with this single remote. Wow!

The X10 Computer Starter Pack, lets you use your PC to control lights and appliances all over your home. You just use the software to set up time schedules, combinations of lights and appliances, anything you want! Wake up to freshly brewed coffee, your favourite CD and bathroom heater. It’s a great way to make your home looked lived in when you’re away!

Once you have the hang of your Starter Pack then you can begin to grow your system by buying different Starter packs or individual modules to suit your needs.

W Home’s X10 automation products are so simple to install and use, they’re very affordable and will make your home a nicer place to live.

Check them out at your nearest Dick Smith, Powerhouse or Tandy store Australia wide.



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