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3M Stationery (Scotch) Tapes
3M Stationery (Scotch) Tapes

3M Stationery (Scotch) Tapes

3M Stationery (Scotch) Tapes

3M Stationery (Scotch) Tapes

3M Scotch tapes set the standard in quality - theyíre easy to use, strong and long lasting and you can rely on them to do the job properly every time. 3M has colour coded their different high quality Scotch Tapes so you can choose the right one for the job.

The original Scotch Magic Tape is green has a matte finish, and is perfect for school or in the office.

Scotch Magic is simple to handle and apply. Itís practically invisible and wonít be seen on faxes or photocopies. It resists yellowing over time, you can write on it with pens, pencils or markers - and comes off the roll quickly and cuts easily.

Scotch Crystal Clear is in an eye-catching red packaging. Itís absolutely transparent with a glossy finish. Even though itís so strong, you can easily tear it by hand. Itís also great for paper mending, light duty packing and an excellent multipurpose tape for home or work.

Scotch Double Sided Tape is in a vibrant Yellow packaging. 3Mís advanced technology means Scotch Double Sided tape can be used straight off the roll Ė thereís no messy liner to remove. Itís long lasting and photo safe and resists drying out. Use it as a no-mess alternative to glue for light duty attaching and mounting.

Scotch Gift Wrap tape in the purple pack is perfect for making your precious gifts even more precious. The unique embossed finish and satin appearance adds real class. It sticks securely and practically disappears.

Scotch tapes are easy to find with different colours for different jobs at home or work. They can be easily identified by their unique Tartan design Ė so donít bother with inferior products!

Scotch tapes from 3M are available everywhere, so ask for them by name.



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