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New Loan
New Loan

New Loan

New Loan

Owning your own home is the classic Aussie dream – but some banks can make it a nightmare – owning more of your home than you do. New Loan is a leading non-bank lender that can help you own your home sooner.

New Loan’s All-In-One Home Loan gives you the freedom to manage your finances more efficiently and pay off your home loan in much less time. New Loan believe that home loans should be simple – with no confusion or hassle.

They focus on delivering the best loans at the best rates with the best service.

Most of us set up our household finances in a way that benefits the bank - not ourselves. See if this sounds familiar:

  • First, there’s the inflexible 25 year home loan - with monthly fees.
  • Secondly, a separate transaction account and savings accounts – each with monthly fees and charges
  • You probably have a personal loan – maybe a car loan – with interest over 10 percent.
  • Plus a couple of credit cards at interest up around 17 percent.

It’s not hard to see that the more accounts you have the more it costs you in interest and bank fees. And if you’re caught in this trap, New Loan’s All-In-One could be the answer you need.

The All-In-One is a combined home loan, transaction account, savings account and credit card all rolled into one. By salary crediting and depositing your money into your loan account, you reduce the interest being charged – in other words, your money is now working a lot harder for you. Helping you pay off your home loan, years sooner. And for your daily living expenses New Loan gives a ZERO percent Interest Visa Account – to pay bills, do your shopping and even to withdraw money!

You’ll save even more time and money with All In One because Internet Banking is unlimited and Free

EFTPOS is Unlimited and Free

Phone and Internet Banking are both unlimited and free.

Chequebook access is unlimited and Free.

And withdrawing money from 8 thousand ATMS across Australia – is also unlimited and free. There are no ongoing fees or charges! Plus fantastic New Loan service! New Loan’s All-In-One can work for you if you need extra money for renovations or a holiday.

All-In-One also suits you if you’re buying an investment property or want to consolidate all your existing loans into one easy to manage payment.

Even if you’re self employed, a contractor or on commission the All-In-One may be right for you. As long as you have equity in an existing property, no financials, tax returns or pay slips will be required.

That’s right - no tax returns or financials required.
It really couldn’t be simpler!
So get your home loan working for you – not the bank.



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