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Hovex Moth Repellent
Hovex Moth Repellent

Hovex Moth Repellent

Hovex Moth Repellent

Hovex Moth Repellent

Clothes Moths invade your home and lay eggs in wardrobes, drawers or anywhere thereís clothing or linen for their larvae to eat when they hatch. Silverfish are also horribly common and will happily chew their way through books papers and photos.

A single moth can lay up to a million eggs per year and that could cause a lot of damage. But there is a solution.

Camphor Oil is a natural insect repellent and Hovex Camphor will make your wardrobe the kind of place nasty little moths want to avoid and protect papers in drawers or storage containers. Theyíre easy to position with ready to hang childproof capsules.

If your thinking itís too late Iím already suffering from an infestation of moths or silverfish. Donít fret help is at hand with Hovex Naphthalene Flakes. All you do is scatter them around the infested area or put them in an envelope to reduce staining.

Hovex have everything you need to protect you and your prized possessions.

You'll find the superior Hovex range at your local hardware store or supermarket.



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