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Filthy, disease carrying rodents like rats and mice have large front teeth that never stop growing, so they can never stop gnawing and chewing. They’ll eat anything – walls, skirting boards, electric wires – even treasured items you thought were safely put away.

Talon Rat and Mouse Killer is used by more professional pest controllers because it disposes of the nasty little beasts with just one feed - even though they may continue to feed for several days.

Talon kills in one feed because it contains Brodifacoum – the world’s most effective active ingredient for eliminating rodents. When it’s cooler, it’s the worst time for rats and mice to invade your home looking for warmth and shelter. So it’s the best time to defend yourself with Talon!

Different areas of the house need different types of Talon.

The Talon 200 gram pack contains 4, 50 gram large pellet trays so you can split them up and cover a large area, dropping the various trays behind heavy furniture, up in the roof or in the garage or shed.

Whereas the Talon 75 gram wax blocks are ideal for both damp & dry areas – laundries, bathrooms, drains, cellars, roofs in humid areas etc. The wax blocks can even be nailed to rafters or anywhere else away from children’s hands.

Talon is poisonous – so take great care where you place it. Be sure to read all safety directions. Talon also contains Bitrex, an incredibly bitter tasting agent designed to make a child spit it out. But you’re much better off making sure they can’t get at it in the first place.

So place Talon in inaccessible places such as under fridges, behind furniture or high away from the reach of children....
....Or make an open area inaccessible by placing a Talon Wax Block inside a PVC pipe.

Rats and mice will crawl right through but kids and pets won’t be able to.

Whether you need to kill one or fifty rats – even if you haven’t seen any rats or mice yet - pick up some Talon at your nearest supermarket or hardware outlet and give yourself some peace of mind.



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