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Sharp DVD Recorders
Sharp DVD Recorders

Sharp DVD Recorders

Sharp DVD Recorders

Sharp DVD Recorders

If youíre one of the many people who still have trouble programming a VHS, give it up. Itís not worth it. Why waste your time on VHS when SHARP has brought you brand new, easy to use technology? Now you can record your own DVDs.

The DVD has revolutionised video with incredible clarity, astounding sound and stunning storage capacity. Now SHARP puts all those high tech features under your control with the DVHR 300 X.

The slim, handsome unit contains a huge 80-gigabyte hard disk, which means you can record up to 100 hours of vision.

In comparison, a DVD will hold up to 6 hours. So you record everything onto the hard drive, then download the things you really want onto a DVD to keep. Using G-code recording what you want is as simple as pointing at it.

It couldnít be simpler, no programming and no complicated sequence of buttons.

On the Sharp DVHR 300 X, you can even record a program while youíre watching something else you recorded earlier. Once itís on the hard disk, you can remove the bits you donít want to see again.

There are more brilliant features like SHARPís Chasing Playback - when your favourite show is interrupted, you just hit a button and the DVHR 300 X will start recording. Then, when you can get back to it, you can watch from the spot you were up to. The DVHR 300 X also features a thumbnail display to help you sort through your various recordings.

With innovations like the DVHR 300X, SHARP brings you the future today!



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