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Danoz Abking Pro
Danoz Abking Pro

Danoz Abking Pro

To stay fit and healthy we really need to treat our bodies with a little bit of care and understanding.

The Abking Pro from Danoz Direct is an abdominal exercise machine that will help you create sexy, toned and fantastic looking abs faster than youíve ever imagined. The Abking Pro has a unique 20-degree below parallel feature that works your abdominal muscles on the way up, and on the way down.

Another great feature of the Abking Pro is its travelling back support system that supports your neck and spine while your working out. Plus the Abking Pro from Danoz Direct gives you four levels of resistance so itís great for people of all fitness levels.
The Abking Pro system works your abdominal muscles through the entire range of motion and keeps your body in perfect form by supporting your back, neck and head.

Your Abking Pro from Danoz Direct comes complete with a workout video that takes you through 6 fantastic exercises, step by step. Six exercises that will help shape and strengthen your entire midsection.

You can own your own Abking Pro for just 4 monthly payments of $49.99 plus $39.95 postage and handling. If you order now youíll receive a manual, the workout video, a slim down program and a personal fm/am radio headset valued at $19.45 for no extra charge. Youíll also get a talking pedometer valued at $24.95 absolutely free.

Thatís two free gifts valued at almost $45!



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