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First Alert Smoke Detectors
First Alert Smoke Detectors

First Alert Smoke Detectors

First Alert Smoke Detectors

First Alert Smoke Detectors

Every year people die as a result of fires in their homes. Most fatal fires occur at night when people are asleep. Most fatal fires are accidental and preventable. Take precautions now to protect yourself, your family, and your home. Every home should be protected by life saving smoke detectors.

First Alert believes in Family First, Safety Always and gives you a huge choice of smoke detectors and alarms. The Smart Alarm is the most high tech and efficient. The brilliance is in the Dual Sensors, one is photoelectric and the other is ionisation. Photoelectric sensors are better at detecting slow, smouldering fires, whereas ionisation detectors are best if the fire is fast moving and in flames.

Inside is a microcomputer that monitors if the smoke is building or dissipating and that means fewer false alarms. If you do get a false alarm don’t run for a ladder or climb onto a chair just reach for the remote.

This exclusive and very clever feature lets you silence the alarm with a remote control. Just about any household remote will restore the peace and quiet. However, if there is a fire but you’re not aware of it yet the alarm will sound again.

You can also use the remote to test the batteries. You should check all smoke alarm batteries at least once a month.

Smoke is dangerous and horrible but at least you can see it and smell it. Carbon Monoxide is invisible, odourless and deadly. Carbon Monoxide, or CO, is a by-product of combustion. So appliances like heaters, ovens, cooktops anything that burns gas or oil can and do emit CO.

It won’t be a problem if there’s plenty of ventilation but this time of year, we tend to batten down the hatches. So a First Alert CO Detector is your first line of defence. First Alert recommend at least one CO Detector in your home preferably near where you sleep.

They’re designed to warn you before you feel sick – headaches, flu symptoms are the first sign. All First Alert products are easy to install but this CO Detector is the easiest!

Check out these First Alert Alarms and Detectors for you and your family at any leading retailer.

They’re top of the range and cutting edge technology designed by First Alert “Family First, Safety Always”.



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