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Global Shop Direct Sewing Express

Sewing Express is a fantastic concept - a modern, efficient and easy to use sewing machine thatís a fraction of the size of expensive, bulky machines and a fraction of the cost.

Sewing Express has most of the functions of those huge and heavy models. Sewing Express is so light you can lift it with a finger and so compact, you can store it neatly in a cupboard. So itís always handy for the next time you have a quick repair job.

With Sewing Express itís not a big deal to wheel out your sewing machine.
If thereís a job to be done, you just grab it and get to work whenever you like itís quick and simple.

In a matter of moments, your clothes can fit perfectly. So, if youíve got a big night and buy something lovely that day you can alter it quickly and easily on Sewing Express and be ready to hit the town.

Youíll have no worries about different materials. Sewing Express does a fantastic job on everything from denim to fine silk, and itís strong enough to sew leather and even canvas!

All the controls are obvious and easy to use. You control the speed of your Sewing Express with a foot pedal.

When you compare it to those unwieldy, old style machines, itís amazingly affordable to have one of these clever and convenient Sewing Express of your own. A big and bulky machine could easily cost you more than $500. But a Sewing Express is just under $100.

Thatís incredible value. If you order today on your credit card, youíll receive a bonus 64 piece thread and bobbin mega set.

Youíll be set for just about any sewing task with this supply of threads and bobbins. Sewing Express comes with a 30-Day guarantee.

Global Shop Direct is making Bright Ideas viewers an outstanding offer.

Call right now to order, use your credit card, and youíll receive an extra Sewing Express at no extra charge.

2 Sewing Express machines one for you, one as a gift. Or one for home and one when youíre out and about! All for just $100 plus postage and handling.

If youíd like an adaptor to save batteries, mention it to the operator.



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