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NoWet Waterless Car Wash
NoWet Waterless Car Wash

NoWet Waterless Car Wash

NoWet Waterless Car Wash

NoWet Waterless Car Wash

NoWet Waterless Car Wash will clean your car quickly and easily and a lot more, itíll wax your vehicle and leave a fantastic shine using only 100 percent earth friendly, organic ingredients.

No Wet guarantees that it wonít scratch or cause fading as long as you use either a cotton or terry towelling cloth. Getting a great result with No Wet couldnít be easier.

First, park your car in the shade and out of the wind. Shake the bottle vigorously for 20 seconds. Pressurise for micro-mist spray and apply to one panel at a time. Wait only 5 or 10 seconds while each droplet expands and lifts the dirt off the surface, then wipe with a cotton or terry towelling cloth in one direction only. When the cloth looks dirty, swap over to a clean side.
Then take your other unused and clean cloth and buff the same area immediately.

Youíll soon have a showroom shine and NoWet works just as well on your boat, motorbike, jet-ski and even your plane. Itís even great on golf clubs.

Youíre not only saving water youíre helping to save the environment because NoWet is eco-friendly and biodegradable so youíre not washing pollutants down the drain.

NoWet will give you a stupendous shine guaranteed with no scratches or fading as long as you use a pure cotton or terry towelling cloth.

NoWet will protect your valuable vehicle from road grime, bugs, tar, bird droppings and acid rain residue. NoWet does an incredible job and itís incredible value because NoWet is offering Bright Ideas viewers an exclusive gift pack.

This special Bright Ideas Gift Pack includes a 225ml bottle of No Wet, with applicator. Plus two terry-towelling hand towels all gift packed and all for only $29.95 plus postage and handling.

No Hoses! No Buckets! No Mess!



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