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Global Shop Direct TV Share Camera

You can stop getting your photos developed, stop wasting money right now because the TV Share Camera is here. The terrific, clever and easy to use digital camera has been specifically designed to instantly and automatically transfer your photos into a fantastic slide show on your very own TV.

Global Shop Direct TV Share Camera

Global Shop Direct TV Share Camera

If youíve heard about expensive digital cameras and how difficult and confusing they can be, forget about it. The TV Share Camera couldnít be simpler to use. There are just 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Take your photos
  2. Place the camera in the cleverly designed dock and
  3. Enjoy the show!

Itís your show, not just because youíve taken the photos but because you control the whole thing. Included in the great value price for the TV Share Camera is not only the docking station but a remote control as well. So youíre completely in charge.

You can view all your photos in a thumbnail format, then select a picture and edit it how you like remove red eyes caused by the flash, or add fun special effects. You can make the slide show faster or slower, move the photos into a different order and delete the ones you donít like. This is the really great thing about digital photography in general and the TV Share Camera in particular.

Everybody takes bad photos even professional photographers take 50 or 100 shots to get the one they really want. But with the TV Share Camera, you donít waste time and money getting the inevitable bad shots developed and printed. You just see them on the screen and make your selection from there.

While youíre watching your personal and unique slide show, just run a VHS tape over it in your VCR. Then youíve got all your photos, safely stored or ready to send off to grandparents, family and friends.

The TV Share Camera will save you money in so many ways and itís a fantastic deal itself.

For only $199.95 plus postage and handling you get the camera itself, the docking station, the remote control plus all the connections you need, including the power adaptor. When you call, if you pay with your credit card, youíll also receive a professional style camera bag valued at $45!



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