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Pascoes Drain Clean
Pascoes Drain Clean

Pascoes Drain Clean

Pascoes Drain Clean

Drain Clean products clears and cleans clogged and blocked pipes with a dynamic clearing action. To maintain healthy and efficient drains, apply one treatment of Drain Clean every month. Drain Clean Products are available in three forms Crystals, Liquid and Septic Treatments.

The Crystals are best when the sink is dry but you suspect thereís something wrong down there. Drain Clean Crystals are used to clear drains and pipes when they become clogged but no water is visible.

Theyíre ideal for slow running drains and safe for PVC, Copper and Stainless Steel pipes. This time, instead of smelling the hidden blockage, you can see the blocked up water. So this time, you need Drain Clean Liquid. Itís a powerful, professional strength formulation that penetrates through water straight to the blockage.

Drain Clean Liquid is extremely effective and easy to use you donít even need to remove the blocked water. Itís safe to use on all sorts of pipes and plumbing. Drain Clean Septic Treatment helps your septic system work as it should.

The natural bacteria that break down waste can be slowed down and stopped by grease and detergents. Drain Clean Septic Treatment helps restore bacterial balance, ridding your septic system of annoying and embarrassing blockages and odours.

Itís safe on all pipes and plumbing.

Youíll find the whole Drain Clean range at your local hardware store and supermarket.



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