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Reel Smart Hose
Reel Smart Hose

Reel Smart Hose

Reel Smart Hose

Reel Smart winds up your hose at a constant rate there’s no sudden spring action or jerky motion just a simple and efficient way to store any size garden hose.

Reel Smart’s unique technology combines 3 elements: a clever and simple hydraulic system, a sophisticated water-piston engine and a brilliant design of high quality, durable plastic.

Together they make a very impressive machine. Reel Smart is powered by a small and highly efficient water piston engine that uses the existing water pressure to wind in the hose. There are no springs to break, you need no batteries or electricity.

So, Reel Smart is simple to operate, safe and reliable.

Reel Smart is a self contained unit you can buy it with or without a hose so you can use your current garden hose or buy a new one. Any hose will fit onto Reel Smart and this ingenious sorting device will wind it in evenly and ensure maximum and efficient storage.

Even though Reel Smart has hydraulics and water pressure, they’re only brought into play when you push the lever down so there’s no resistance as you reel out as much of the hose as you need.

Then when you’re finished, pushing down the lever activates the motor and next thing you know, your yard is hose free safe and looking tidy. We all know how constantly being outside really takes it toll almost everything rusts and fades. But not Reel Smart there are no metal parts or springs to rust up or lose tension.

Reel Smart is offering Bright Ideas viewers free delivery anywhere in Australia!




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