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Thanks to Pets Paradise, there have never been so many ways to show your love and share the fun with our four pawed pals. Take this Action Ball for instance 15 million have been sold worldwide. The Action Ball comes with an extra rope and a pump to keep the fun coming. The rope is cleverly designed to make sure every dog can get a great grip. They love play and the exercise is very good for them.

Yip Yap Breath Fresheners make licks a lot more loveable. Of course, Pets Paradise offers plenty of pleasure for our purring pals as well. The Kitty Walk Vertical Climber hangs easily from any door, so takes up no space but gives your cat 5 different levels to explore.

Your cat will find Panic Mouse irresistible. Itís battery operated with adjustable speed and height for variety. Panic Mouse can drive your cat even wilder with Ďmiceí that are filled with catnip. Cats LOVE catnip so they absolutely adore Cat Nip Bubbles. When itís time to travel, the Kitty Walk Stroller is comfortable, convenient and keeps you in control, whether youíre on a trip to the vet or a tour of the town itís particularly good for older pets who arenít as active any more.

Another well-deserved luxury is the Petzplus Dog Bed In A Bag. Now, no matter how far you go or when you decide to stop, your dog always has his favourite place to sleep right there.

For these and many more pet-friendly ideas,

visit your local Pets Paradise store.




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