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The Pizza Chef
The Pizza Chef

The Pizza Chef

The Pizza Chef

Now you can have your favourite pizza, home-made in your kitchen in around 5 minutes. The Pizza Chef sits neatly and conveniently on your kitchen bench and is so incredibly easy to use anyone can get great results. The Pizza Chef is specifically and cleverly designed to make your pizzas, just as you like them.

You simply pre-heat using either the stone base or the deep dish pan place your favourite ingredients on your favourite sort of base and in it goes. The powerful elements give a dry and concentrated heat of up to 280 degrees.

The stone base gives an even heat and absorbs moisture from the pizza base. Just as the vents allow more moisture to escape so the lid can get very hot.

If you use a ready-made pizza base, itíll only take about 5 minutes. But if you prefer to make up your own fresh dough base itíll be a couple of minutes more.

When itís so fast and so simple to cook healthy meals, you wonít need to go out and buy fast food. The Pizza Chef saves you time, effort and the money you spend on takeaways.

Everythingís easy with The Pizza Chef even the washing up. Just let the stone base cool, then scrape off any remnants and wipe it with a cloth or paper towel never wash it in water. The deep dish can go into the sink for a quick wash just donít use strong detergents that could damage the non-stick finish.

The Pizza Chef is an invaluable addition to your culinary collection, it comes with a 12month warranty and itís great value too.

Call and order right now and youíll also receive a pizza cutter absolutely free to give your pizzas an even more professional presentation.




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