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Danoz Direct Robo Maxx
Danoz Direct Robo Maxx

Danoz Direct Robo Maxx

Danoz Direct Robo Maxx

Wouldnít you just love to be able to relax while your home gets vacuumed for you, and you donít have to lift a finger?

It sounds too good to be true, but believe! It is possible.

Robo Maxx from Danoz Direct is an incredible, robotic vacuum cleaner. Itís a piece of the future that can help you clean your home today! Robomaxx will vacuum your floors all by itself so you donít have to! All you do is turn it on and walk away.

It cleans as it travels around the floor, and the great thing is that when its bumper comes into contact with an object or wall it automatically moves and vacuums a new area, covering the room. Robomaxx is effective and quiet and it cleans most floor surfaces.

It works on wood, linoleum, low and medium pile carpets and even tiles, itís great for families, busy professionals and pet owners. Your room will be vacuumed completely as it navigates the floor and picks up debris in its path.

It goes between chair and table legs and can clean in more places than regular plus corners are no problem either Ė Robomaxx easily moves out of corners to continue cleaning.

It weighs nothing more than 3 kilos and has a rechargeable battery, so you donít have to keep replacing them. You can order your RoboMaxx for two easy payments of $44.98 plus $19.95 postage and handling.

Weíre so confident youíll love Robo Maxx, that itís backed by our 30 Ėday money back guarantee. Test Robo Maxx in your own home, and if youíre not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund of the purchase price. Plus youíll get Danoz Directís 12 month limited warranty.



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