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Total Ceramic Hair Straightener
Total Ceramic Hair Straightener

Total Ceramic Hair Straightener

Total Ceramic Hair Straightener

With the Total Ceramic Hair Straightener, you can give yourself that fantastic Hollywood look whenever you like at home.

Unlike metallic straighteners that burn & damage, advanced ceramic technology delivers great results every time and is far more gentle on your hair naturally, the hair straightenerís main function is to straighten out your hair. But a clever narrow shape is specially designed to allow you to get creative with flicks and curls. So itís more than just a straightener itís a ĎTotal Hair Stylerí. Until now, ceramic hair straighteners can be very expensive.

A ceramic Hair Styler like this could easily cost you $299 in a store.

But you can have our Total Hair Straightener - which is virtually identical for a third of that price Ė at just $99.95 plus postage and handling.

Just think how much you could save in hairdressing bills alone?

And youíll save time because you can get yourself looking fantastic for a special occasion from home!

When you ring and order today, youíll receive an extra Total Hair Straightener for FREE, and the offers get better and better. This is Silky Smooth and it can be yours FREE today when you call and order your Ceramic Straighteners with a credit card.

Youíll achieve professional results in secondís -and it comes with a carry pouch and cleaning brush as well!

When you buy the professional quality Total Ceramic Hair Straightener for only $99.95 plus postage and handling, youíll receive another one absolutely free!

Plus, when you pay with your credit card, youíll also get the fabulous Silky Smooth Free.




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