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Chux Magic Eraser
Chux Magic Eraser

Chux Magic Eraser

Chux Magic Eraser

You know the Chux name well because of years of using their cleaning products. Now the amazing technology involved in creating the Chux Magic Eraser gives you the power to clean almost anything without using detergent or chemicals!

The secret is in the super fine fibres that are so small, they can grab, lift and trap tiny bits of dirt as well as ink, crayon and grime. Chux Magic Eraser couldnít be easier to use. You donít need any chemical cleaners or detergents, just good old water. Give it a good squeeze before you use it. Now hereís a problem we all have coffee stained mugs. Itís just too much trouble to scrub them clean, right? Not with Chux Magic Eraser hereís a great one you know when you take the label off something and you end up with a horrible sticky patch? Chux Magic Eraser takes care off that!

Parents and their landlords will particularly love the way that Chux Magic Eraser can get ink and crayon off without a mark. If itís a difficult stain, all you need is a bit of elbow grease no detergents or chemicals. Each Chux Magic Eraser has 6 sides make sure you use them all and then, just throw it away.

A pack of 8 Chux Magic Erasers is only around $3 or less than 40 cents each. Thatís great value for a major brand like Chux. Just think of how much youíll save on detergents and chemical cleaners.

The Chux Advanced Fibre range also includes these clever little beauties. The Chux Microfibre Kitchen Mitt and the Microfibre Bathroom Mitt. Every clean up job in the cooking area becomes so much easier with the Chux Microfibre Kitchen Mitt.

Bench tops, tiles, stainless steel areas, taps, sinks and appliances the Kitchen Mitt is fantastic on them all, trapping oil, grime, food spills and dust easily and efficiently. Chux Microfibre Mitts benefit from the same technological advances as the Magic Eraser, they donít need chemicals or detergents either.

To prevent cross contamination, the Bathroom Mitt is Yellow so you canít get them mixed up. Every bathroom has at least a hundred places that need a good clean and the Chux Microfibre Bathroom Mitt does a great job on them all.

Grime, soap scum, mould and mildew everything is trapped and lifted away.

Similar products can cost more than $10 but you can pick up Chux the trusted name in cleaning cloths for less than $4!

And they come with a 100% quality guarantee.

Youíll find the Chux Advanced Fibre range in the cloths and sponge sections of your favourite supermarket.

Theyíre great value Ė use them once and youíll use them forever.



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