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Clipsal Essential Checklist
Clipsal Essential Checklist

Clipsal Essential Checklist

Clipsal Essential Checklist

Your home’s electrical installation is traditionally left to the architects, builders and electricians to make assumptions about your lifestyle and how you will live in your home. But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore, because Clipsal has produced this ‘Essential Checklist for Everything Electrical’ for every room of every home.

Specifically designed to assist you in building, renovating or improving your home, this FREE Checklist and Project Planner has great ideas and will help you design exactly what you need for every room in your home.

Clipsal has literally hundreds of different electrical products, so this ‘Essential Checklist’ will help you find the right shape, style, finish, colour and range to suit your requirements.

Go thru each room of your house and record your rooms with your product preferences on the Project Planner as you go. The range of styles, colour and finish can also be recorded and you can mix and match depending on the intended décor of each room.

One big question to always ask yourself, do you have enough power points in the right places? Planning ahead in these early stages will not only save you money, but many heartaches later.

By using the Checklist and walking around your home, you will find many ideas and ways to help improve your lifestyle and make your home more energy efficient.

Dimmers make light bulbs last longer and can save on energy bills.

For convenience hands free sensors turn lights on and off automatically, ideal for walk in robes and the pantry

Down lights can be focused for dramatic effect and to highlight artwork and areas of the room.

When it comes to your electrical Clipsal has all the answers for every room of your building or home renovation project.

With Clipsal’s ‘Essential Checklist & Project Planner’ you can design your ultimate dream home to be better looking, safer, more convenient, cost effective and energy efficient.




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