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Eurogem Steam Cleaners
Eurogem Steam Cleaners

Eurogem Steam Cleaners

Eurogem Steam Cleaners

An Aussie company revolutionising our cleaning with high quality steam cleaners is Eurogem. Harnessing the immense cleaning power and sanitising properties of high temperature and pressurised steam, Eurogem simplifies your most difficult cleaning chores and makes your home a healthier and safer place to live.

Not only by killing off bedbugs, fleas, dust mites even bacteria and other microscopic nasties but because you donít need to use any expensive and hazardous chemicals. Cleaning with steam is easy and quick. Youíre not using chemicals, you donít end up with streaks on glass and polished surfaces.

The TR7 is high tech and amazingly efficient, itís both a steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner. Eurogem describes it as the force of a cyclone and the power of a volcanic geyser.

On carpets, you not only suck up loose dirt, you simultaneously deep clean, destroying germs, dust mites, residue and bacteria. On mattresses, you not only kill all germs, bugs and dust-mites etc under a direct contact with high temperature of 145 degrees centigrade but also suck them away with a powerful pressure of 4.5 bars.

You can smell how clean the room is afterwards and removing microscopic dust and pollen makes your home much safer for asthmatics. A normal vacuum sucks in some dirt and dust but leaves lots more still in the air.
With the Eurogem cleaners, everything passes through the steam chamber killing all the bugs and is blown into the water trap. You just empty the water out, complete with dirt and dead bugs.

The TR6 from Eurogem, looks silver stylish but itís tough and hard working. In fact, the TR6 gives you continuous high-pressure steam and gives it non-stop until the jobís done.

The TR6ís stainless steel exterior, internal components even the brush tips are all superior Italian quality and display impressive workmanship. This special hot water jet is ideal for flushing and loosening grease and grime while you steam clean. Eurogem only deals in top quality and youíll notice the difference if youíve used cheaper steam cleaners.

Then call and get your own Eurogem today.

These brilliant steam and vacuum cleaners are only available from Eurogem directly Ė and, for a limited time, you can receive $100 off the normal price.

So call right now!



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