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Mortein Nest Kill
Mortein Nest Kill

Mortein Nest Kill

Mortein Nest Kill

Mortein Nest Kill is simple to use, very affordable and deadly to cockroaches. Mortein Nest Kill baits have been formulated to attract cockroaches. Once they’ve eaten the bait, they go back to the nest to infect their mates.

Then when they die, their mates eat them. The other cockroaches are also poisoned along with any eggs they may be carrying so you’re killing cockroaches that have never even been near the Mortein baits.

So Mortein Nest Kill eliminates cockroaches you might never even have seen.

Most people wait until they see a cockroach to go out and buy Mortein, but you’re far better off sorting yourself out beforehand.

Each pack of Mortein Nest Kill contains 12 baits they’re very easy to use, just read the instructions before you start. Put the baits against the wall or flush in the corners about one metre apart.

Place all 12 baits around your home any unprotected area could be the start of the next infestation.

And put half of them in the kitchen the cockie’s favourite place and particularly underneath the fridge and the dishwasher as cockies love warm, moist, dark areas.

Two more go into the laundry, two others in the bathroom once again, think warm and moist places. Then put the last two wherever you’ve seen a cockroach. Even if you’ve got a real cockroach problem, you’ll notice the difference in one week.

And then your home’s protected for 3 whole months.

You can mark the month on the baits themselves, so that you can check. It’s a good idea to cut the panel from the Nest Kill pack and keep it somewhere where you’ll see it so the cockroaches never get a chance to come back.

Mortein Nest Kill Cockroach Baits keep working for up to 3 months and are safe to use as directed. They kill the entire nest including the eggs to break the breeding cycle.

So before you relax with friends and family get rid of cockroaches and maintain control of your home by protecting it for 3 whole months.

Available in all leading Supermarkets.



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