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Osmocote Potting Mixes
Osmocote Potting Mixes

Osmocote Potting Mixes

Osmocote Potting Mixes

Anyone whoís used Osmocote Potting Mix knows just how good they are Ė the results are in gorgeous, healthy plants. But itís easy to get confused when you find a lot of similar looking products in the garden centre particularly when they can share symbols like the Australian Red Tick of quality.

Osmocote Premium Potting Mix specially formulated to give both indoor and outdoor plants the best performance. That formula is unique to Osmocote and enriched with a full charge of Osmocote controlled release plant food.

Thatís important because it means that the plants are fed, constantly and evenly over 4 months. Without ďcontrolled releaseĒ plant food, putting a plant in a mixture this rich would be like eating your whole monthís groceries in one meal.

Osmocote Premium has several key ingredients which makes it the best.

Scotts Coir Pith coconut fibres. Hydraflow Two ensures even distribution of water in the mix. Scotts Coir Pith retains 33% more moisture than ordinary potting mixes releasing it as needed by the plant.

Stimulex improves the plantís resistance to root and leaf diseases. This is a problem Osmocote can help stop before it starts. These 3 special ingredients are also included in Osmocote Multi-Purpose Potting Mix.

As the name makes clear, itís suitable for all sorts of potting and the controlled release plant food ensures healthy growth for a whole season. When it comes time to transplant your potted plant to the garden, Osmocote will enrich the soil out there too.

Every gardener knows that some plants prefer their own special conditions. Thatís why Osmocote developed the Azalea, Camellia and Rhododendron Planting Mix.

Specially formulated and P H balanced for the special needs of acid loving plants, itís recommended as the mix for container grown plants as well as to prepare the bed for transplanting acid-loving plants. Itís also great for established plants when liberally mixed into the soil around the plants.

For superior performance and plants with bright colours that make you proud, look for the bright colours of Osmocote Youíll find Osmocote Ė the name you know and trust Ė at K Mart, Bunnings, Woolworths, Franklins and all fine nurseries and garden centres.



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