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Mortein Professional
Mortein Professional

Mortein Professional

Mortein Professional

Mortein Professional

If you never think about cockroaches until you see one, you need to think again. There could be thousands in and around your home by the time you actually spot a nasty, little specimen.

In the past, you’d have called in a Pest Control Professional, with all the best equipment and modern chemicals designed to efficiently and effectively protect your home. Now Mortein makes you the professional.

No more making appointments, waiting at home for ages or paying a fortune. With Mortein Professional, you can get the same results as a professional, whenever it’s most convenient for you and at a fraction of the price.

Mortein Professional is a Do It Yourself Outdoor Surface Spray that enables you to protect your home simply, easily and affordably and just as effectively as a professional.

The secret of Mortein Professional is a unique technology called “micro-encapsulation”. You can think of it as droplets enclosed in a membrane.

The membrane continuously releases the active ingredient over time but protects it from the elements for up to 3 months!

Then when a cockroach, spider or ant picks up the microcapsules it’s fatal. Mortein Professional doesn’t kill instantly but it gives you a long-lasting protective barrier around your home. As with any time you’re working with chemicals the first thing you do is read the instructions.

One large bottle of Mortein Professional is enough to completely treat all the entry points outside the average home there’s also a small pack available for smaller homes.

It doesn’t take long at all and you don’t waste time waiting around for a professional.

Be More Smart, More Safe, Mortein and pick up some Mortein Professional at your nearest supermarket or hardware store.



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