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Clipsal Orbital
Clipsal Orbital

Clipsal Orbital

Clipsal Orbital

Clipsal Orbital

Clipsal’s Orbital Power Distribution System turns every wall and corner into a potential power point. Just attach and twist! You can use as many Clipsal Orbit adapters as you want, wherever you want, you’ll never need a double-adaptor again. You’ll never be bothered by ugly power boards cluttering up your home.

Clipsal’s Orbital Power Distribution System is not only elegant but robust suitable for both the classiest home and the toughest factory. The skirting comes in different colours and styles and can suit any décor. You can paint over it or combine Orbit with other design materials to achieve unique effects.

Every home, every office is a constantly changing environment. With Orbit, you can meet any power supply challenge instantly and simply. As an added advantage, the Orbit system can take care of other necessary cabling telephones, data, security alarms so the whole area can be efficiently, neatly and discreetly cabled.

One place you’ll definitely notice the difference is in the kitchen. Orbit will free up your bench space because you won’t need double adaptors or powerboards you’ll feel like you’re kitchen suddenly got bigger.

Whenever you’re dealing with electricity, Safety has to be the number one priority. Clipsal’s Orbit meets all the strict and stringent requirements. One brilliant safety feature is that if you remove the adapter while the switch is still on a set of shutters immediately close to provide a protective shield.

That’s vitally important if there are young children around.

With multi-award winning technology the Orbit system is made and backed by Australia’s number one manufacturer and provider of electrical accessories - Clipsal.



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