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Global Shop Direct Cyclonic Vacuum
Global Shop Direct Cyclonic Vacuum

Global Shop Direct Cyclonic Vacuum

Dust Ė itís everywhere and itís dangerous to anyone with respiratory problems.

Global Shop Direct are revolutionising the vacuum experience for you. The astoundingly efficient, stylish and compact Cyclonic Vacuum cleaner. It uses state-of-the-art bagless technology combined with a huge 1600 kilowatts of power to not only clean your home but to keep the air cleaner as well.

The power is totally adjustable and goes to a max of 1600kw. The particles picked up by the Cyclonic Vacuum spin around in its chamber. You can see why itís called cyclonic. The Cyclonic Vacuum cleans carpets, dirt, dust, pet hair nothing is to hard for the Cyclonic Vacuum.

Of course, dust doesnít just lie there on the floor Ė itíll settle anywhere.

So the Cyclonic Vac comes with all the attachments you need to clean your furniture and curtains, car and caravan as well. But the great part is because its bagless you no longer have to deal with those smelly vacuum bags that are impossible to fit. You can just unscrew the chamber and empty it straight into a bin.

Itís easy to use, has all the attachments, is light to carry and very, very powerful.

A Cyclonic Vacuum can be yours for just 5 monthly payments of $59.95 plus postage and handling. If youíve got one or more asthmatics in your family and one in four Aussie kids suffer from asthma youíll know how important it is to give them a safe and clean place to live.

If you look into the sunlight coming through a window and see dust and pet hairs and other floating nasties then youíre failing in that duty.



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