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Bernafon - Symbio XT
Bernafon - Symbio XT

Bernafon - Symbio XT

Bernafon - Symbio XT

Bernafon - Symbio XT

Older style hearing aids just aren't fast enough to cope with the complex sounds in everyday life. The subtle sound elements are often altered and distorted reducing the benefits they could give.

Fortunately, technology has advanced and now the personal and social impact of hearing impairment can be made much more acceptable.

Bernafon digital systems can now offer everybody innovative hearing solutions, delivering maximum speech understanding and clear natural sound. The Symbio XT from Bernafon have state of the art, digital processors that work in the same manner as your natural hearing.

Even though, right now, you can hear other people’s voices, traffic noises, the kids in the back yard, the wind in the trees.

The Symbio XT’s Channel Free processor channels the most prominent sounds. It scans all the incoming noises 16,000 times every second, decides what’s most important and amplifies the sounds you need to hear at 16,000 adjustments per second, the sound appears seamless, and you’ll hear what you want to focus on. Conversations come to life in all their subtlety. With Symbio XT – you’ll understand.

While speech is obviously the most socially important, it’s not all that will be enhanced with a Symbio XT. The brilliant Swiss craftsmanship and unique Bernafon technology will bring the whole audioscape to life, giving clear, natural sounds in every situation.

You’ll be able to truly enjoy music once again, in all its depth and variety.

There are no controls, no programs, no volume to adjust the Symbio XT is customised to you.

You just turn it on and enjoy the sounds of your life.

You can organise an obligation free assessment with a hearing care professional near you so you’ll know the exact state of your hearing.




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