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3M ScotchTint – Relax Competition

The Australian summer is here - promising warm, relaxing times.

3M ScotchTint – Relax Competition

3M ScotchTint – Relax Competition

3M ScotchTint – Relax Competition

And threatening dangerous, insidious UV rays. We all know we have to protect ourselves when we’re out in the sun – slip, slop, slap and all that.

Now you can protect yourself, your passengers and your car with 3M Scotchtint Sun Control Window Film – it’s achieved an official rating of UPF 50 plus.

Unlike ordinary, dyed window tints, 3M add carbon to Scotchtint to increase the stability and durability of the colour. So Scotchtint won’t fade or go purple like lesser films.

Scotchtint consistently protects the interior of your car blocking up to 99% of ultraviolet and rejecting solar heat. Your car becomes a cooler, safer place for you and your family.

Of course, you want your home and workplace to be a cooler and safer place as well and 3M Scotchtint is just as effective on building windows. 3M issued the very first patent on window film back in 1966 and nearly 40 years later Scotchtint is state of the art.

Whether you choose Scotchtint for your car or your home or both you’ll get the most comprehensive warranty available, backed by 3M, so you can relax. Just to make sure you can really relax, when you purchase 3M Scotchtint or 3M Scotchshield for your home or car before the 30th of November, you can have the chance to win one of 3 fantastic holidays:

  • A Northern Territory Outback Safari,
  • Queensland Rainforest Retreat,
  • Or Gold Coast Island Resort



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